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1. Where is Hilton Presbyterian located?
Newport News, Virginia
2. How do I place flowers in the sanctuary?
The office manager handles flower dedications. Please come by or call 757.595.1313 to check for availability and cost.
3. Where do I park on Sundays?
Parking is tight, but we make it work! Please park on the River Road side of the church or in the Hilton Elementary School parking lot. Handicapped spaces are in front. During the week, please observe street signs when parking. Hilton ES parking lot is off limits and the front of the church is used as a drop off/pick up line for the preschool during specific hours.
4. What are the church's office hours?
Office hours are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.
5. How do I sign up for the newsletter?
Please refer to our Newsletters page for more information; you can call the church office at 757.595.1313 or email the church office to sign up.

Children and Baptism

1. How do I arrange to have my child baptized?
Our pastor is eager to talk with parents who want to have their children baptized and with adults who want to be baptized themselves. Call the pastor at the church office, (757) 595-1313, to schedule a baptism date and an appointment.

The Presbyterian Book of Order states: "Children of believers are to be baptized without undue delay, but without undue haste." It also states, "When a child is being presented for baptism, ordinarily the parents(s) or one(s) rightly exercising parental responsibility shall be an active member of the congregation." This is because Presbyterians believe that baptism is a sign and symbol of inclusion of grace and covenant with God and the Church. Being nurtured in the Christian faith by a Christian family and a by a loving congregation are important for spiritual growth.
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