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About Hilton Presbyterian

Hilton Presbyterian Church is a diverse congregation of people committed to welcoming and serving others in the love and spirit of Jesus Christ. Our life together centers around five key purposes:

Worship. We gather for worship every Sunday -- a lively mix of the classical and contemporary, focused on the joy found in God's great love for us.

Prayer. It has been said meditation introduces us to the inner life and prayer brings us into the deepest and highest work of the human spirit. Prayer is one of the main avenues God uses to transform us. At Hilton, we are encouraged to pray quietly during portions of our worship, in unison during the confession of sins, and on behalf of other who need the grace and strength of God’s Spirit.

Service. God's love is always outreaching. We seek to be agents of God's love through ministries such as Habitat for Humanity, PORT (a winter homeless shelter), St. Vincent's Soup Kitchen, and many others.

Study. Learning more about the Christian faith and spiritual formation is important to the congregation. Sunday morning classes are available for all ages; Wednesday night includes adult education/Bible study and youth clubs for first graders through high school.

Fellowship. “Are we having fun yet?” should always be an appropriate church question. The “love quotient” is an important element in a healthy congregation. Therefore, we encourage meaningful gatherings inside and outside church-sponsored events. Coffee, dinners, picnics, and parties are valued as life-enriching gatherings among members.